Digital Trial Presentation

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  • Digital presentation of case evidence in the courtroom. Trial presentation software allows for dynamic presentation of your case evidence
  • Store and organize all your case data from documents, photos, depositions, audio, videos, and animations
  • Any document can be displayed, highlighted and then enlarged on the fly while in trial
  • New document exhibits can be created and dropped into witness folders for easy presentation
  • Scripted or on the fly video deposition clips with scrolling text can easily be presented

Pre-Scripting/Witness Preparation

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  • Strategize with the trial attorneys, associates and witnesses prior to trial, scripting which exhibits best present the case.
  • Work with the trial team to script out what video segments and what documents are to be displayed to the judge and jury for use in opening statements, direct and cross examinations of witnesses, and closing arguments.

In-Trial Equipment Rental

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  • Experience and knowledge in analyzing the courtroom layout and selecting the most effective equipment for presenting your electronic evidence.
  • Full suite of computerized multimedia presentation equipment can be rented for any length of time:
  • Trial Laptops (includes Trial Director, Sanction, Summation, or Concordance pre-installed)
  • Elmo/Digital Document Cameras (for use with Counsel)
  • 50” and 60" High Resolution Plasma Monitors (for use with Jury)
  • High Resolution LCD Monitors (for use with the Judge, Witness, and Counsel)
  • 3500 Lumen LCD Projectors
  • 60", 80" and 100" Projection Screens
  • Altinex Multi-Tasker Switch Controllers
  • Amplified Speakers (for use with playing video depositions, videos, animations)
  • DVI, VGA, and Composite connection cables
  • War Room equipment for after trial preparation: Laptops; networking routers; scanners; printers; monitors; projector; screen; cables; etc.