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Litigation Support Professionals, Inc.

LSP, Inc. has supported the legal industry for over 15 years and is recognized as one of the leading litigation support firms in the nation. From the discovery phase of your trial, through the verdict of your trial, LSP, Inc. will be there for you. LSP, Inc. is recognized for providing unparalleled litigation support in civil cases involving business litigation, patent litigation, product liability, construction defect litigation, insurance litigation, and personal injury related cases.

Digital Trial Presentations

Our experienced trial consultants specialize in the digital presentation of case evidence in the courtroom.

Electronic File Discovery

Today most legal case files are maintained in an electronic format. We are experts in working with virtually any native file type and converting to the optimum format for ease of organization and review.

Multimedia Graphic Presentations

Our trial graphic consultants specialize in working with the trial team to develop all the common types of graphic demonstratives used in litigation today.

Trial Equipment Planning and Setup

Experience and knowledge in analyzing the courtroom layout and selecting the most effective equipment for presenting your electronic evidence.

We Prepare You For Trial

When your case goes to trial, our experienced consultants will be there for you. Our consultants are all multi-trial experienced professionals who can run the trial presentation system for you. We provide a complete solution by working closely with the trial attorneys. We assist by preparing trial exhibits and demonstratives for opening statements, direct and cross examinations of witnesses, and closing arguments.

Notable Verdicts

Bryan Stow v. Los Angeles Dodgers
Litigation Support Professionals worked with Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard Smith (Los Angeles) for 6 weeks defending the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Superior Court of California- County of Los Angeles. After 9 days, the jury came back with a verdict. The jury found Louis Sanchez and Marvin Norwood each 37.5% liable, and the Dodgers were apportioned the remaining 25%. The plaintiff was seeking damages in excess of $60 million. Defense attorney Dana Fox commented, “the jury clearly rejected the plaintiff's numbers and followed the evidence of damages offered by the defense. While no one could deny this man suffered significant, life-altering injuries and you have to feel sympathy for Mr. Stow, the jury clearly concluded the plaintiff's claimed numbers were not supported by the evidence.”


Litigation Support Professionals
David Ilten is the owner and President of Litigation Support Professionals, Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management. David has presented evidence in over 140 trials in 17 states in both federal and state court jurisdictions. His experience includes working on hundreds of civil cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Additionally, he has led a team of experienced trial consultants who also have extensive experience in trial. Professionalism, accountability, and reliability are all traits David values when providing litigation support for law firms.


  • Matthew S. Ponzi / Foran Glennon Palandech Ponzi & Rudloff PC
    "Litigation Support Professionals was an integral part of the trial team for an 8 week trial in Orange County. LSP's technology put hundreds of thousands of documents at our fingertips, and allowed us to display everything in the courtroom at the touch of button. The end result was a silky smooth trial presentation that produced a defense verdict."
  • Michael B. Donner, Esq. / Judge, California Superior Court, Riverside, CA
    "There is a saying that “cream rises to the top”. When confronted with a complex case that necessitates digitization, effective search functions, graphics and superb pre-trial/trial support there is only one company that immediately comes to my mind—Litigation Support Professionals, Inc. David Ilten and his company truly are the cream of the crop and are the first call I make when sophisticated and user friendly case trial preparation/presentation is critical."
  • Hunter J. Shkolnik / Napoli Bern Ripka & ShkolnikNapoli Bern Ripka & Shkolnik
    "David jumped on board and worked along side us every step of the way helping us present a seamless presentation that one juror commented was better then watching a Hollywood movie. Since then David Ilten and Litigation Support is with us on every major litigation we go forward on."
  • Norman J. Watkins / Partner, Lynberg & Watkins, APC
    "In trials you get one chance to get it right - there simply is no margin for error and Litigation Support Professionals has never let me or others in my firm down - never, and we are talking dozens of very substantial trials going back for years."
  • Dana A. Fox Partner, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP
    Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers / Advocate, American Board of Trial Advocates
    "Litigation Support Professional's work product is state of the art and of the highest quality, and is very effective in the courtroom. Everyone at LSP with whom I have worked is impressive from both technical and ethical standpoints. I would not hesitate to use LSP."