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“By presenting information to jurors in a way that helps them learn and confirm it, we as presenters of evidence provide them with a greater understanding and a meaningful experience.”

Litigation Support Professionals, Inc. understands presentation of evidence means everything to the trial attorneys. Being able to graphically demonstrate key evidence to a jury in a clear and cohesive manner is of utmost importance. It is a well known fact that a jury is more likely to remember the evidence presented when it is prepared in a manner which is easily comprehended and understood. LSP uses the latest technology when presenting evidence along with proven successful presentation strategies and concepts.

In-Trial Services

Digital Trial Presentation

  • Digital presentation of case evidence in the courtroom. Trial presentation software allows for dynamic presentation of your case evidence.
  • Store and organize all your case data from documents, photos, depositions, audio, videos, and animations for evidence presentation during trial.
  • Any document can be displayed, highlighted and then enlarged on the fly while in trial
  • New document exhibits can be created and dropped into witness folders for easy presentation
  • Scripted or on the fly video deposition clips with scrolling text can easily be presented

Pre-Trial Scripting/Witness Preparation

  • Strategize with the trial attorneys, associates and witnesses prior to trial, scripting which exhibits best present the case.
  • Work with the trial team to script out what video segments and what documents are to be displayed to the judge and jury for use in opening statements, direct and cross examinations of witnesses, and closing arguments.

In-Trial Equipment Planning and Setup

  • Experience and knowledge in analyzing the courtroom layout and selecting the most effective equipment for presenting your electronic evidence.
  • Full suite of computerized multimedia presentation equipment can be rented for any length of time:
    • Trial Laptops (includes Trial Director, Summation, or Concordance pre-installed)
    • Elmo/Digital Document Cameras (for use with Counsel)
    • 65” and 75" and 82" 4k Monitors (for use with Jury)
    • 22" High Resolution LCD Monitors (for use with the Judge, Witness, and Counsel)
    • 4500 Lumen LCD Projectors
    • 60", 80" and 100" Projection Screens
    • Extron Multi-Tasker Switch Controllers (HDMI and VGA).
    • Amplified Speakers (for use with playing video depositions, videos, animations)
    • HDMI, VGA, and Composite connection cables
    • War Room equipment rental: Laptops; networking routers; scanners; high speed color laser printers; monitors; projectors; screens; cables; etc.

Pre-Trial Services

Document Imaging

  • State of the art scanners, professional production software, extensive quality control measures, and trained scanning technicians
  • All types of documents: discovery documents, depositions, trial exhibits, color photos, x-rays and architectural and engineering maps
  • Sizes: letter, legal, tabloid and custom sizes (small receipts to large maps)

Electronic File Discovery

Today most legal case files are maintained in an electronic format. We are experts in working with virtually any native file type and converting to the optimum format for ease of organization and review. LSP ensures every file is available for use in database review, trial presentation, and cloud storage.

Online Document Review

  • Document Review is our cloud web interface for performing efficient and organized document review. Start and finish your e-discovery in a secure and feature rich online platform which is always accessible where and when you need it.
  • Document Review uses our modern, intuitive interface making it easy to view and tag relevant case documents and providing single-click access to document batches, ensuring your team will perform accurate and efficient review of documents
  • Document Review uses all of the latest cutting edge tools such as advanced searching, advanced analytics, timelines, email threading, and similarity matching to quickly determine which documents are important to your case.

Database Design and Implementation

  • Documents, transcripts, electronic media, animations, custom graphics, audio and videos digitized and loaded into commercial litigation software designed for case management and in-trial presentation
  • Secure case specific directories maintained in the Cloud using ShareFile or DropBox for quick and easy access to the files you need

Legal Document Copying

  • High quality black and white and color prints from both paper and electronic media
  • All types of documents: discovery documents, depositions, trial exhibits, color photos, x-rays and architectural and engineering maps
  • Sizes: letter, legal, tabloid and custom sizes (small receipts to large maps)

Graphic Animations

Create graphic animations, 3D modeling, accident reconstructions, medical illustrations and critical event timelines.

Coding/Indexing & OCR

  • Case specific coding/indexing for each project
  • Accurate indices of all the documents scanned
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) performed on all the scanned images, if requested

Video/Audio Digitization & Synchronization

  • Audio tapes, CD’s and other audio files converted to WAV or MP3 format for review or use in trial. Common types of audio used in trial presentation software include audio interviews, wire taps, and 911 calls
  • Video and audio can be time synchronized to the transcript. Transcripts can be created, if none exist, and then synchronized
  • Deposition video recording

High Speed Exhibit Printing

  • High speed, high capacity copiers and printers, capable of outputting 1 million pages a month
  • Customized printing
  • Printing with bates number or trial exhibit footers at the bottom of each page

Multimedia Presentations

Presentations for use in mock trials, arbitrations, mediations and trials

4K Aerial Imagery and Videos

  • Aerial Imagery is the art of taking photographs and/or videos from above the ground. LSP can take these types of photos/videos utilizing commercial drone technology. Our DJI Inspire Pro commercial drone is capable of taking high resolution 4K video and high resolution images up to 4096 x 2160 pixels.
  • This type of photography and videography will provide extremly compelling images from different vantage points in great detail for use during evidence presentation during your trial.
  • LSP is fully insured and liscensed to commercially fly it’s drone for business purposes.
    FAA license number: FA3AN3HW4R


Secure on-site backup and cloud backup of your trial case material:

For all our clients, we maintain a secure on-site backup, and a cloud backup of all the trial case material. This includes all trial exhibits, admitted trial exhibits index, trial transcripts, opening and closing presentations, trial graphics, deposition clips, depositions, deposition exhibits, etc. In the event your case gets appealed, or you want to review previously prepared trial material, we can quickly get you access to your files.