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Litigation Support Professionals, Inc. has experienced graphics support staff to develop virtually any type of multimedia presentation. LSP, Inc. has developed hundreds of powerful demonstrative aids for use at trial. Below is a collection of animations, timelines, and persuasive graphics LSP, Inc. has prepared over the years. Litigation Support Professionals, Inc. works closely with attorneys to develop visual aids to support key concepts and messages to be conveyed to juries in all types of civil cases.


LSP, Inc. has a graphics team dedicated to developing impressive, persuasive, and professional graphics. Here is a small sample set of animations LSP, Inc. developed involving various types of civil cases. Studies have shown that animations have very powerful influences on the fact finders perceptions.


Timelines are crucial in cases where key events need to be conveyed to the jury. Timelines are powerful tools where jury members can learn about the case through chronologies of events and their reactions to these events. In addition, timelines are flexible in that they can be modified to fit virtually any type of case.

Graphic Demonstratives and Powerpoints

Visual aids are powerful reinforcers which help explain and simplify complex ideas. The messages contained in visual aids are persuasive depending on how they are communicated to the jury. LSP, Inc. works closely with its clients to develop compelling graphics and powerpoints for use at trial.